Wednesday, 1 August 2007

World Vision and Amazing Grace

Hi all, sorry it's been a while, I an my entire family have been battling chicken pox and flu
Lots has happened in the past few weeks - the Haneef disaster, new if anyone wants to drop me a line with some commentary, that would be great.

In the meantime...if any of you live near Penrith I thought you might be interested in the opportunity to see the Amazing Grace movie and support World Vision at the same time.

The movie itself is the story of William Wilberforce and his fight to end slavery. It has got rave reviews, and looks to be a great way of inspiring Christians and non-Christians alive to join the fight for social justice.

Hawkesbury World Vision Club is hosting a screening at Hoyts Penrith Plaza on Wednesday, August 8 at about 6.30pm (exact time TBC). The cost is $20 and that includes seeing the movie, a goody-bag with chocolates, popcorn, water and information about World Vision projects, and a cup of coffee and gourmet cupcake in the foyer after the show. All profits will go towards World Vision projects.

So come along and have a great time! Drop me an email if you're interested.


Ross McPhee said...

I saw this film with a bunch of friends, and it definitely inspired us in the ongoing struggle for social justice. After seeing the film we had a discussion about modern justice issues, and we signed postcard petitions distributed by the Stop the Traffik campaign, which aims to end people traffiking. For more information, visit

Emma said...

I will do! Our World Vision night was a huge success, we raised over $1000 and had 130 people turn up. It's a great way to get people to start talking and thinking about these issues.